April Jimenez

April is an amazing creating individuals. she has completed her degree in Accounts with uiversity of UWS.
April joined team of T & R Accountants in the capacity of bookkeeper and has been promoted to office manager and now focusing on Payroll management.
She is payroll offier which manages client payrolls and deals with client offices.

April is a creative individuals which loves to design graphs and templates and is best friend to computer.

April has a pleasant personality and is very easy to approach and work with. April started her career with T & R Accountants in May 2014 and works in the office.


                       Office Base

Shafiqul Alam

Shafiqul is a professional accountant. He has completed his Advance Diploma in Accounting in 2007 from TAFE and acompolished his Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Major In Accounting) in November 2011 from University of Western Sydney. Shafiqul has also completed one subject in professional level with CPA Australia and is planning to continue his CPA sometimes soon.

Shafiqul was working as part time bookkeeper with H&R Block and helped the team in preparing the tax returns. Shafiqul joined a large finance team with the global company Legrand Australia Ltd. He also worked with a small finance and administration team in a non profit organization WorkVentures Ltd.

shafiqul has M.Com (Management) and B.Com (Honours) degrees from Dhaka University of Bangladesh and extensive experiences as University teacher, bank executive and advertising executive before he moved to Australia.

Shafiqul’s positive attitude, problem solving skills, determination and strong work ethic allows him to contribute continuous improvement of processes that eventually increases profitability of the company where he works for. 

Finally, excellent people skills, charming personality and diverse overseas and local experiences and also relevant qualifications make him an excellent Accountant

Shafiqul joined the team of T & R Accountant in April 2013 as accountant and manages a couple of clients in different locations.


                      Office Base 

Jae Song

Jae has been working as accountant and office administrator for 5 years. Jae has completed his degree in business and commerce major in accounting.

Jae joined T & R Accountants in May 2013 and is is managing three clients' account. Jae has a stunning personality and loves to stay in touch with clients. He is managing two client outstanding accounts and does debt collection on weekly basis.

Jae is pretty easy in operating Microsoft programs. He loves to design and formulate spreadsheets in Excel.

Jae speaks Korean and English very well and operate MYOB in the business for all the clients he is managing.


                     Office Base

               Client  Base

    Principal Accountant
        Tax & ASIC AGENT


Vivian Hu

Vivian has completed masters in accounts from university of  Adelaide. She has seven years of experience in both accounts and administration.

Vivian does not like to limit her career with only completing master in account. she is studying her CPA to make sure she has enough accreditation on her career path.

Vivian enjoys her role "Bookkeeping" as she deals with different clients and faces new chellenges everyday to manage. Vivian joined T & R Accountants in July 2014

Tahera Jehanbeen

Tahera has over 15 years of working experience across different area of Accounts and Administration. She has Diploma of arts from oversea and received her first Advance Diploma in accounting in Australia.

Tahera has completed her Bachelor’s in Business and Commerce major in accounts at University of Western Sydney in June 2012. She is a tax agent and ASIC agent and is studying her  CPA.

​Tahera is a confident, competent and successful business woman. She believes achieving success is not hard if you have commitments, ownership and importance to your position and respect the organization’s value.

Tahera has many achievements in her career. However, she is proud to highlight that she was appointed as women representative on behalf of British High Commission for Afghanistan government and is a writer for Foreign Policy Blog in USA.

Tahera was appreciated by many employers on different events. Such as establishment of comprehensive spreadsheets in excel for staff payroll with group certificates; track recording of travels with Qantas airline and claimed $10,000 back to her employer. Reconciliation of superannuation, payroll tax and BAS for one year.

​Tahera is using MYOB accounting software since she is in practice. She is not only operating MYOB, but also provides MYOB training for all company and individual clients. She designs, tax invoices, statements and remittance advices with company bank details, logo and all information which can present the client professional on paper.

​ Tahera previously also designed MYOB time billing system in a way which can meet a security company needs and requirements. She successfully merged three different software’s accounting information into MYOB without a cent different.

​ Tahera’s multi culture background and extensive working experience across the countries enabled her to establish her own accounting firm (Excel Accounting and Bookkeeping Services and T & R Accountants) that has many clients across Australia and staff to report to her. She used to work full time, run a business, study for her career and is a mother. This is not easy to run all by one person, but she has a high management skill and confident to manage the time to achieve all of them at the same time

Jeyavarman Saranyan

Jey has completed Bachelors of Business and Commerce Major in Accounts 

Jey has joined  team of T & R Accountants in June 2014. He is working as Bookkeeper. He is quite confident in operating MYOB and is managing client company accounts with full confident.

Jey's computer skill does not stop with MYOB, he is really easy operating Microsoft Office packages and windows at Mac.

Jey is a dynamic, confident and competent individual. He is a hard-working and honest team player. He meets overall client satisfaction and believes that you can get what you want in life if you just give enough to other people to what they want.

Call Today: 02- 881 010 31


Bookkeeper/ Administrator

         Client  Base

     Office Manager& Bookkeeper

                  Office/Client Base

Rachana Shahi

Rachana is a skillful bookkeeper having good personal virtues with utmost professional ethics and integrity. She has been with T&R Accountants since August 2013 as a bookkeeper taking every challenge as an opportunity. She is confident in operating application software like MS Office, MYOB, QuickBooks and world’s popular banking software, Finacle. Rachana holds her Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting from University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Finance and Economics.  She has been awarded with several academic scholarships. Rachana strives for accuracy giving necessary attention to details. She remains organized setting realistic goal and time frame with contingency plans. Some of her key achievements include 100% turnaround of monthly reports within reporting deadlines, provided analysis and investigated reasons for cost and sales variances against budget. In addition, with her extensive skill in banking accounting system, Rachana has been successful in retaining all premium clients such as US Embassy, Japanese Embassy, American Mission Association during her tenure of employment as a banker.

                  Payroll Officer

                      Office Base


                      Client Base

Seluvia Matele

Seluvia completed her master in Administration at UWS .She has always been working as administrator role in different organization. 

Selvia currently manages three clients and is a mobile bookkeeper. She has joined T & R Accountants in April 2013 and has been working as part time office manager and bookkeeper in 3 client offices and remaining days helps the team back in the office.

Seluvia has a pleasant personality and get well with the team pretty easily. She follows the instruction and tries to achieve the organization goal

Phillip is a certified public accountant back in Philippines and in process of achieving her Australian certification to act as Public Accountant in Australian.
Phillip has more than five years of professional experience. He is talented and accomplished accounting professionals.

Phillip is a confident, committed and quick learner individual. He loves to complete the task within given period of time. He has a friendly and pleasant personality to work with.
Phillip is a friendly user of MYOB, Excel and word documents. He loves to work and play around Excel spreadsheet. Phillip joined team of T & R Accountants back in December 2013.

Phillip Ellie


                      Client Base


                      Office Base

Tien Banh

Tien is a young professional that adds value to the organization by bringing quality experience, an enthusiastic attitude towards client service and a relentless pursuit of excellence as evidenced by successes across a diverse range of fields

Tien has completed her Bachelor of Commerce Major in Finance and Information System. She has advance skill of MYOB and Microsoft programs.

Tien is working as Bookkeeper operating Xero accounting package  with one of T& R Accountants client. She is Young, energetic and aim to achieve organization goal and objectives. 

Tien has experience as office administrator and Bookkeeper.

Debu Nepal

Debu has completed master of professional accounting. She is an independent, qualified, well organized and has a strong work ethics and is capable to work unsupervised if required.

Debu is working 2 days a week on different client offices and is available to cover her spare days as well.

Debu has been operating MYOB since December 2013. she has confident and can use this program with close eyes.

Debu joined T & R Accountants team in December 2013 and is working as bookkeeper since then.