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The benefit in working with us!

1. Our Insurances

All staff will be under our workers compensation and public liabilities

2. Payroll

We will manage all the staff payroll from weekly to Monthly payments.

3- Timesheets

We will provide staff standard timesheet to maintain and will invoice you based on hours signed by you

4- Superannuation

We will pay and manage the superannuation to all staff as they will be our direct employee.


Since employee will be directly on our book, we again will be paying these amounts to ATO and you will have more savings on this as well.

5- Stand by Staff

We have a pool of candidates which are qualified accountants, bookkeepers and administrators. They will be available to start any time you require them and cover for your staff when they are on leave.


How Can T & R Accountant Help?

Tell us more about your business and what you do?
What type of vacancies do you currently advertise?
How many staff do you have?
What are your greatest recruitment challenges?
What does T & R Accountants needs to know in order to assist you?
what time of the year your business ramp up recruitment to cope with peaks and troughs?

Your time is valuable, so T & R Accountants can handle every stage of the recruitment process for you. In fact, we provide the great bookkeepers, accountant and administrators in front of you within 24 hours.
We have a pool of qualified bookkeepers, accountants, and administrators. They are all professional in MYOB. Some of the staff are already engaged with clients on part time role. we will allocate them on remaining days if you require a part time bookkeeper, or an accountant or administrator.

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Standby Bookkeepers and Office Administrators